“Everything that we perceive is like a dream, an illusion, a bubble or a shadow; like a dew drop or a flash of lightning. We should contemplate all existence in this fleeting moment”.

The Anamnikaya Association is a school of Zen Buddhism.
Meditation is our main teaching and our way of life. We incorporate meditation into everyday activities. As we meditate, we cultivate the wisdom necessary to attain a peaceful life.
The origin of our faith
Buddhism was founded in India approximately 2500 years ago when Prince Siddhartha Gautama attained Enlightenment and became the Buddha. He went on to spread his teachings throughout his country. Five hundred years later, the most venerable and recognized monk in India named Bodhidharma traveled to China. He practiced Buddhism there for ten years. He meditated in a cave so intensely that his shadow was permanently imprinted onto one of its walls. Afterward, he spread Buddhism throughout China. His teachings became known as Ch’an (Zen) Buddhism. He is revered as the first to establish Ch’an or Zen Buddhism in China. The word “Ch’an” is a rendition of the Pali (old Indian language) word “Jhana” which literally means “Meditation”.
Bodidharma discovered the technique of Zen Meditation – one of the most effective ways to subdue the mind. Today, Zen Meditation is the most commonly practiced form of meditation in the world. Its primary function is to reveal to the practitioner the truth of their existence. For humanity to evolve, mankind must adhere to the tenets of Buddhism and practice Zen techniques in their entirety.
Therefore, the main objective of the Anamnikaya Association is to educate those who are interested in Zen Practices. It facilitates introspection and sharpens the mind, which leads to profound realizations regarding the nature of the mind and body. Eventually, it leads to the realization of the three universal truths: Suffering, Transience and Freedom from Attachments.